Main Topics

Disease Control and Infection Control

Problematic issues in infectious diseases and infection control
Management of community-acquired infections
Infections in travelers
Advances in Clinical microbiology laboratories
Infections control measures: does it work?
Surveillance programs for Nosocomial Infections
Infection control in critical care units
Infections in Neonatology

Antimicrobial Resistance
Antimicrobial resistance: epidemiology and clinical approach
Improving quality of antimicrobial use/ surveillance on antibiotic consumption
Infections and antibiotic use in surgery
Antimicrobial resistance in different countries
What happened in MRSA problem?

Hepatitis C
Current Management of Hepatitis C
Hepatitis C in Georgia – way to eradication
Treatment of hepatitis C: Real life data
Chronic Hepatitis B

Zoonotic Diseases associated with cases from real life

Infectious Diseases (?)
Helicobacter vs: Campylobacter in human diseases
Management of febrile neutropenic patients
Clostridium difficile infections: An overview
Viruses and cancer

Sterilization and Disinfection
Molecular biology/ immunology and infection/resistance prevention
and control
Immunization and preparation against bioterrorism in informatics era


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